Sinus lift treatment

In Elfradent’s clinic, we have been comprehensively treating our patients for many years. We carry out all surgical procedures with the highest hygienic standards. When planning an individual treatment plan, we always suggest the most effective method to achieve the treatment goal established with the patient. For many years of our clinic experience we have been performing maxillar sinus lift treatments. Elevation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus is usually performed in order to improve the bone conditions near the lateral side of the maxilla (maxillary sinus).

The procedure of sinus lift is often done after setting up an implant treatment plan which purpose is to rebuild the top crowns of teeth placed on the implants.The very procedure of raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus is to reconstruct the bones through a window in the lateral wall of maxilla and place the artificial bone in free space. We carry out all of the surgical and dental procedures in our clinic using only the highest quality materials and equipment, providing the best possible postoperative comfort for patients.

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