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Gum recession - Elfradent

Gum recession

Providing our patients with a full range of surgical services, we also carry out the treatment of gingival recession. The procedure is performed in case of unveiling of the roots of teeth, which should be covered with gum. The gum disappears due to incompetent, very often too aggressive cleaning of the teeth, as well as the removal of adjacent teeth and lack of support of tissues surrounding the tooth, dental defects, malocclusion, etc. Teeth affected by gum recession have hypersensitivity to temperature changes, are exposed to abrasion and decay, and in addition there is a problem with the aesthetics of smile and appearance. As the gum tissue can be rebuilt – we perform surgery either by making a tissue transplant from the palate or using other materials. The choice of the final technique depends on the individual anatomical case, taking into account the place of the recession, the number of teeth with exposed roots, the construction of surrounding tissues and the site. The treatment requires very high precision and therefore we cover the gum recession with the utmost care, using the highest quality equipment and materials, and thanks to our experience we recommend the best method of protection and care and gums.

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