Bone reconstruction

The bone reconstruction procedure has been carried out in our practice for many years. Bone reconstruction is often a preparatory or follow-up procedure and we use it during:

  • planning of implant treatment, when the existing amount of bone is not sufficient for long-term, stable maintenance of the implant.
  • after periodontitis, in order to preserve the existing dentition, which lost its stable anchorage due to the ongoing process of inflammation in the periodontium (bacterial plaque),
  • bone reconstruction after extensive loss of hard tissues.
  • reconstruction of the bone damaged during the performed procedures
  • tooth root resection or cyst removal

The bone restoration materials we use are natural high-quality substitute materials. They show very similarities to human bones. Due to the high degree of porosity they accelerate the migration of osteocytes into the area of ​​its implantation, and the crystalline structure of the material is a scaffolding for the patient’s self-restoring bone. It does not differ from the natural bone structure of the patient, allows its resorption and replacement with newly created bone tissue.

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