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Surgery - Elfradent

Dental surgery

We have been conducting comprehensive dental surgery for many years in our practice. All of our surgical procedures are carried out in our clinic, maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Surgical procedures are carried out using a number of modern methods of anesthesia, so that they are as painless as possible. Surgical procedures performed by us range from simple extractions (removal of teeth) through more complex procedures, including removal of wisdom teeth, up to complicated procedures supporting preparation for orthodontic, prosthetic or implantological treatment. Providing comprehensive treatment for our patients, we carry out the treatments in a way, that in the future, further necessary treatment steps can be performed with maximum effectiveness, for example, aesthetic implant-prosthetic reconstruction. Our many years of experience in surgical procedures allow us to choose the most appropriate treatment method individually for each patient. The treatments chosen by us provide our patients with the most beneficial and least painful solution.

Surgery is a comprehensive offer of treatments necessary to provide our patients with full treatment:

  • tooth extraction
  • chiseling of the leftover teeth roots
  • removing or splitting the upper and lower wisdom teeth (so-called “Eights”)
  • root resection (root tip cut) – used when the root canal treatment did not bring the expected result
  • elongation of the clinical crown
  • crowns, when the tooth is subgingivaly damaged
  • removal of detained teeth – stuck in the bone for various reasons
  • undercutting of the frenulum – an activity supporting the treatment of malocclusion or prophylactic in children
  • closing the maxillary sinus – a gap which may occur during the procedure of removal of the upper posterior teeth
  • implants – implantation and procedures preparing the patient for this task, including:
    • atraumatic tooth extraction – a characteristic method for removing teeth very mildly so as not to disturb the bone necessary in case you would think about replacing the tooth which is being removed with an implant
    • augmentation of the alveolar ridge – used to reconstruct the bone which has disappeared after the removal of the tooth – we use special bone formation material as well as bone block transplants
    • raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus – a procedure used to build up bones and make space for implants
Missing teeth
Dental braces
Laser treatment
RTG, Tomography