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Computer tomography - Elfradent

Dental computer tomography

We know how important it is to test and diagnose before each treatment or individual patient plan for proper and effective treatment. In our radiological laboratory every single tooth and anatomical structure may be examined using 2D as well as 3D pantomographic images. In the cases of implantology, surgery, endodontics and orthodontics, we start with 3D format. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment we can look at anatomical structures, make measurements, plan implantations, see the actual spatial shape of root canals, the position of curved teeth, etc. on each side.

Also when carrying out diagnostic tests, we perform a pantomogram (2D), which should be done once a year for the control of teeth (inflammation, caries on the tangential walls of the teeth), and also before the start of comprehensive dental treatment.
Research and pictures performed in our practice:

– Intraoral pictures
are most common dental X-ray pictures, such as: point, wing-occlusion and occlusal images. Such photos are made in our practice using the digital (radiovisiography) and analog method in the X-ray laboratory with a minimized radiation dose. Radiological control is especially needed during root canal treatment. Thanks to the correct positioning, it is possible to take a precise picture and analyze it accurately.

– Panthomographic pictures
taking panoramic photos of teeth is often necessary for making the correct diagnosis and taking appropriate treatment steps. It allows you to accurately assess the state of teeth and periodontics of our patients. Photographs are taken in the X-ray radiology laboratory using the digital method, thus reducing the radiation dose. The patient receives the tests on a CD. It can also additionally wish to print on film.

– 3D pictures

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