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Dental implants - Elfradent

Dental implants


Many years of experience and the quality of performing treatments together with the highest quality of implantological systems used by us, provide our patients with a healthy and beautiful smile. The perfect smile is the result that we can achieve thanks to the implants. Patients avoid the problems associated with classical prosthetics, such as removing dentures, having to grind teeth, etc. The result is full physical and mental comfort while eating, smiling or speaking.


The implant consists of a titanium root that fuses with the bone, and the porcelain tooth which is perfectly similar to a natural one.


Dental Implant is the best solution in case of:


  • Single teeth gap. Such a solution is very beneficial for patients, because you do not have to grind neighboring teeth, as is the case with a bridge.
  • Lack of several teeth. In this case, it is possible to fill the gaps in the teeth in the form of a bridge fixed on implants – implanting two tooth implants and rebuilding the remaining teeth on them.
  • Edentulism, that is for patients who no longer have their own teeth and are struggling with the problem of wearing full dentures. We can offer a few comfortable solutions based on implanted teeth.

What is an implant?
The implant (implant) is the fixing of an artificial tooth, on a surgically placed in the bone of the jaw or mandible implant. Implants are used in conjunction with bridges, prostheses and crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.

For whom?
For adults with healthy gums, the right amount of bone to maintain the implant and strong motivation to comply with meticulous oral hygiene.

Number of visits:
Implants require one or two treatments and a waiting time of 3 to 9 months. Between the treatments, monthly monitoring visits are usually recommended.

Missing teeth
Dental braces
Laser treatment
RTG, Tomography